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Multi Award winning crunchy wholegrain

mustard with honey and wholegrain mustard with

chilli for that extra kick!


Homemade in my own kitchen with no artificial colourings,

flavourings or sweeteners


Delicious with cheeses, cold meats, sausages and salmon, or add to casseroles, sauces, salad dressings and mashed potato amongst other things!


Just been awarded 2 Great Taste Stars for 2019 which means the judges dubbed it above and beyond delicious. Less than 10% of entries achieved this award.



"How wonderful your mustard is. Anyone who tries your product will surely never return to supermarket mustard" Joanne, Cambridge


"I'm addicted to the unique taste and texture of Mustard Mary. I find it incredibly versatile and have used it in a number of my recipes and have had great feedback at dinner parties. There's obviously a lot of care and attention taken in the process and knowing that it is locally produced adds to the appeal" Jamie, Cambridge


"It is not often you enjoy mustard on a teaspoon...we did" Great Taste Award judges


"A lovely balance of flavours with a pop of the mustard seeds adding a really lovely crunch"



Photography by Jess Freedman and Annabel Quantrill


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